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Cottage for Sale Information

You can list a "Cottage for Sale" Ad for FREE - only for a limited time.
You can also order a "Cottage for Sale" sign for a fee.
The following steps are required for getting your "Cottage For Sale" listed at Worldperty web site:
Step-1: Providing information about your "Cottage for Sale" Ad.
Step-2: Uploading one image for your "Cottage for Sale" listing. Note: If you are not ready to upload your image you will be able to e-mail it later on.
Step-3: Making a payment - Only required if you order a sign etc.

Please note that we use "PayPal" for processing payments and accept major credit cards. Learn more about PayPal.
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4Worldperty reserves the right to decline any listing request with/without a reason. Any payment received for a declined listing will be reimbursed promptly.
Information outlined on this page is subject to chance without any notice.