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    Why should I list my property with Worldperty?
  4 The Worldperty website is a high traffic private real estate listing service. The major advantage of listing with Worldperty is there are no commissions to pay when you sell. Worldperty can help you save quite a bit of money.
    What types of listings can I post at Worldperty?
  4 Worldperty site currently allows you to list; "Homes for Sale", "Open Houses", "Homes for Rent", "Land for Sale", "Cottages for Sale", "Commercial Properties", "Vacation Properties" and "Garage Sale"
You can also list your business or simply can take advantage of edvertising using one of our Banner Ads. Please go to "Advertise" page for advertising.
    How long does it take to get my listing on-line?
  4 It takes a day or two to get your listing on-line assuming that we have all the information required to get your listing ready.
    How do I start the process of putting my property on the Worldperty site?
    What is the price of listing my property at Worldperty?
How long will my property be listed on your site?
What type of listing packages available?
Do you provide Signs such as "Home for Sale", "Directional", "Open House"?
How do I upload pictures? Can I send my pictures later on? Do you take pictures?
Can changes be made once the listing is posted on-line?
  4 Please go to "Want to List" page and click on the appropriate link for detailed information.
    Do you I get feature sheets for my "Home for Sale" listing to hand out?
  4 Feature Sheets can be generated for printing from your member's area of your listing.
    What methods of payment do you accept?
  4 We use "PayPal" for processing payments and accept major credit cards. Learn more about PayPal.
    Do you have any tips or guides to help me?
  4 Please go to "Buyers' Corner" page if you are buying a home.
Please go to "Seller' Corner" page if you are selling a home.
    How do I know how many people have viewed my listing?
  4 Your member's area of your listings will show you the number of visitors that have viewed your listings